Do you need something to help you study for the RHCE exam?  Trouble-Maker is going to help you break stuff!

Acid Lemon

Join us!

Trouble-maker is designed to be an open, community-driven, project. As such, there are always things that people can do to help out.

You can contact us on our Trouble-Maker Forum with questions or via our mailing list.

Check out current team members on our SourceForge project member list

The following project  jobs exist:

Module Devloper

Most people will be interested in being a module builder, as this is the easiest job to do. Simply put, write a script to hose a system. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, as any module that is to be included in the trouble-maker must be well documented and consistent with the module development guidelines. Once the module builder is complete, this process will be simplified.

Engine Devloper

This job involves working on the engine itself. There will not be many engine developers, though patches will be gladly accepted.


This job is the most demanding. You are in charge of a particular operating system, and must verify the trouble modules do what they are supposed to on that operating system. Luckily, not all modules will exist for all operating systems. Trouble-maker is designed to make it easy to add new target systems. All you need to do is be willing to test out the problems on your system.